One finger is all you need to control the battle!

    1. Moving

      Swipe to move your character up, down, left, and right!

    2. Moving
    3. Attacking

      Tap the Arts Card icon at the bottom of the screen to launch an attack!
      Keep tapping to pull off incredible combos from the get-go!

    4. Attacking

Auto Mode added!

Rising Rush

  • Some of the Arts Cards come with a Dragon Ball attached! Gather all seven...

    ...and the Dragon Ball icon will change to a Rising Rush button!
    Hit that button...

  • ...and trigger a Rising Rush!
    Land an attack and select your finishing move!

    Choose one of four Arts Cards in your hand! Choose a different-patterned Card from your enemy and deal massive damage!

  • Smash your opponent with the combined special moves of your dreams! Rising RushIf you`re successful, you can land an explosive victory with combined special moves!